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BLW Mealtime Adventures with Chomp Baby

Hello, all you beautiful people! It’s me, your favourite lifestyle blogger and playful mama, Charlotte R.B. Yes, the very same Charlotte who traded the city lights of London for the tranquil charm of a small village in Essex. But today, I’m here wearing a slightly different hat – I’m excited to share my latest adventure as a brand ambassador for the fantastic Chomp Baby!

Do you sometimes feel like juggling the joys of parenthood is like performing in a circus, especially during mealtimes? Well, my friend, you’re not alone! Welcome to the delightful world of Chomp Baby – your trusty partner in turning the feeding frenzy into a giggle-filled fest!

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The Journey with Chomp Baby

I first discovered Chomp Baby when Harlow, my adorable 9-month-old, was ready to take her first bite of solid foods. This fantastic award-winning company offers innovative, baby-friendly products that make baby-led weaning (BLW) a joyful experience.

Unfortunately, they don’t provide food. But what they offer is far more valuable – they provide tools and products that help mums like you and me to guide our little ones on their food discovery journey. Trust me when I say it’s changed our weaning game aesthetically pleasingly.

Chomp Baby Weaning Set

Chomp Baby Weaning Set

Experience enjoyable mealtime with the Chomp Baby Weaning Set. It’s the perfect solution for your baby’s solid food journey with freezable silicone trays, BPA-free feeding cutlery, and a suction bowl and plate. Embrace baby-led weaning confidently and elevate their culinary exploration with Chomp Baby’s weaning essentials. DISCOUNT: CHOMPHARLOW15

Baby-Led Weaning: A Growing Trend in the UK

As baby-led weaning (BLW) makes waves among parents worldwide, Chomp Baby is ready to ride this wave with you! “Wait, Charlotte, what’s baby-led weaning?” I hear some of you ask. It’s how your little ones can explore their food and learn to feed themselves, helping them build their eating skills at their own pace.

Well, let’s dive into some UK statistics, shall we?

  1. Popularity: BLW is the talk of the town amongst UK parents, gaining popularity each passing day! And why not? It’s an empowering way to introduce solids to our little ones.
  2. Health Impact: A study in BMJ Open indicates that BLW encourages toddlers to stop eating when full, promoting healthier eating habits from a young age.
  3. Allergen Introduction: Health bodies in the UK recommend early introduction of potentially allergenic foods. The BLW approach, with its variety, aligns perfectly with this, ensuring our little ones are getting a balanced diet. Please consult a healthcare professional in this instant.

Why Chomp Baby?

They offer an array of products that simplify the BLW journey. And as a brand ambassador, I’ve had the opportunity to see firsthand the difference these products make.

I hear your next question, “Charlotte, do you use these products?” And my answer is a big, resounding YES! Every mum knows how messy BLW can get, but the chaos is beautifully manageable with Chomp Baby’s products. Harlow adores the fun shapes and colours, and I appreciate the cuteness and aesthetics.

Chomp Baby Brand Ambassador Harlow Adore Charlotte

Baby-led Weaning: A Symphony of Self-feeding

At Chomp, they curated a cute collection of weaning sets that will add excitement to your baby’s BLW adventure. From learning to grip to making that triumphant journey to the mouth, their products delight each moment!

The Art of Messy Mealtimes

Messy mealtimes? Consider them the splatters on a Picasso masterpiece – an art in progress! Chomp is there on social media, too, with excellent tips and advice, turning every spoon-swinging, plate-tossing episode into a heartwarming memory. Let’s create the most colourful food diaries!

Chomp Baby Weaning Set - Harlow Adore Charlotte

Chomp Baby’s Mealtime Wonders: No More Feeding Phantoms

Chomp is the Gandalf standing firm against your mealtime monsters. Check out the magical tools in our trove:

  • Silicone Weaning Sets: Like a baby’s toy chest, these durable trays are ideal for presenting a fun array of finger foods. The flexible silicone design makes cleaning a breeze!
  • BPA-Free Feeding Dinky Baby Cutlery: Gentle as a lullaby, their cutlery safeguards your baby’s tender gums. Plus, with an easy grip, your baby can lead the way to a mealtime march! Not to mention, their adorable petite cutlery isn’t just for feeding – pop it in the fridge for a soothing, fantastic remedy for those teething troubles!
  • Suction Bowl and Plate Sets: Their dishes stick around like a dependable sidekick, curbing the chaos and allowing your baby to enjoy their food! At Chomp, they believe in making products that offer bang for your buck and adaptability for parents. Crafted from durable silicone, their products are impervious to various temperatures, accommodating your microwave, freezer, and oven needs up to a toasty 220°C. Whether you’re crafting chilly treats, dabbling with a fresh cake concoction, or simply warming up a speedy meal in the microwave, rest assured, Chomp’s got your back!
  • Feeding Bibs: As adorable as a bunny yet practical as a superhero cape, their bibs protect your baby’s outfit from adventurous spills and stains! The adjustable, silicone baby bib catches food that may not make it into their little mouths.
Weaning Set - Harlow Adore Charlotte

Your Chomp Baby Adventure: Let’s Conquer Feeding Challenges Together

The quest at Chomp is simple – to add a sparkle to each mealtime. We know parenting is like navigating a mysterious labyrinth, and they’re here to ensure feeding isn’t another puzzle for you to solve. They serve mealtime essentials and sprinkle joy and ease in each product they offer.

The magic potion of Chomp Baby includes:

  • Tailoring for Baby-led Weaning: With the product range as diverse as a carnival, Chomp set the stage for a fun-filled, self-feeding journey for your little ones.
  • Convenience at its Best: Like a handy pocket tool, the products can swoop in and save the day. Cleaning up or packing away at ease.
  • Cultivating a Community: Products and building connections. Join the Chomp family and transform the weaning journey into a shared adventure!
Chomp Baby Weaning Set

Chomp Baby Weaning Set

Experience enjoyable mealtime with the Chomp Baby Weaning Set. It’s the perfect solution for your baby’s solid food journey with freezable silicone trays, BPA-free feeding cutlery, and a suction bowl and plate. Embrace baby-led weaning confidently and elevate their culinary exploration with Chomp Baby’s weaning essentials. DISCOUNT: CHOMPHARLOW15

Your Reliable Sidekick in the Weaning World

From cutlery that sparks curiosity to suction bowls and plates that put an end to the sliding and toppling, Chomp is here to bring joy and confidence to your weaning journey. Whether you’re a novice or a pro at parenting, Chomp is here to add a spoonful of fun to every meal.

Remember, it’s always good to consult your healthcare provider before introducing new feeding practices.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Chomp Baby

Yes, Chomp Baby offers a range of products catering to different stages of weaning.

Chomp Baby products are available on their official website and Amazon. I have a section dedicated to the brand on my Amazon storefront. While my Chomp Baby discount code has ended, please look out for other brand ambassadors and check their Instagram often. They always have amazing deals.

As a brand, they are very active on their Instagram social media, where they post regularly and engage with their followers.

In 2023, the awards showcase “Loved By Parents” awarded Chomp Baby in the following categories: Best Weaning Product – Platinum & Best Baby Gift – Gold.

Before you go…

Chomp Baby is a trusted and innovative brand revolutionising baby nutrition with its baby-led weaning range and practical essentials. They empower parents to provide nutritious and convenient options for their little ones. With a commitment to quality and a supportive community, a brand that nurtures the future, one bite at a time, ensuring a healthy and joyful journey into solid foods for babies everywhere.

Disclaimer: This article reflects my personal experience and opinions associated with Chomp Baby as a Brand Ambassador. While I collaborate with Chomp Baby, all views and insights shared in this post are my own and are based on my genuine experiences with the brand.

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