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Welcome to my enchanting nook of the internet, where you’ll discover the most exciting and family-loving treasures.

As a busy mum of three, two energetic 11 & 6-year-old boys, and now blessed with a sweet baby girl, my little corner of the internet is a treasure trove of magic and wonder. I know how important it is to find family-friendly travel spots, budget-friendly baby essentials, planning tools, home decor, fashion finds, entertainment options, and organisation wonders. And that’s where my absolute forte comes in!

But it’s not just about parenting; it’s also about empowering fellow mums. I’m passionate about sharing insights on successfully juggling parenthood while embracing side hustles, blogging, and affiliate marketing. Join me in discovering the art of making a passive income while being fully present for our precious little ones. There is no gatekeeping here!

Thank you for joining us on our blended family journey. Let’s discover the most exciting and family-loving treasures together!
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If you’re a fan of the Netflix series The Last Kingdom, you’re in for a treat with the sequel film The Last Kingdom – Seven Kings Must Die. Spanning four seasons and 36 episodes, the series follows Uhtred’s journey as he seeks to reclaim his birthright and unite the kingdoms of England.

With the same intensity and intrigue, the film promises to captivate its audience and deliver an unforgettable adventure. So buckle up and get ready for a ride through the ancient lands of England with Uhtred and his comrades. Check out my top streaming services.

The Summer I Turned Pretty is a heartwarming coming-of-age story that follows Belly, a girl who spends her summers at Cousins Beach with her loved ones. With the adaptation of the bestselling novel by Jenny Han, the Amazon Prime series captures the essence of the story across three seasons and 26 episodes.

As Belly navigates the complexities of love and friendship, viewers are treated to a beautiful journey of self-discovery, family, and growing up. So grab your sunscreen and prepare for a Cousins Beach trip with Belly, Conrad, Jeremiah, and Susannah.

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