5 Second Rule Mini - Family Edition

5 Second Rule Mini Game 2023: Family Edition

As the rain pattered against our cosy Essex home, we were nestled in our PJs, a perfect setup for quality family time. Then, we decided to crack open the Family Edition of the 5 Second Rule Mini game from PlayMonster UK. Here’s how our laughter-filled night unfolded.

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Fun from the get-go!

From the moment we popped open the box, it was a laughter fest in our cosy pad! The gang included my incredible almost-hubby Jack, the always-ready-to-laugh Hayden, our ever-so-smart Hudson, and yours truly, Charlotte. Even our little chip dip, the baby Harlow, seemed to revel in the laughter around her.



Quick Thinking, Fast Talking, Non-Stop Family Fun!

Learn Fast, Laugh Hard

The beauty of the 5 Second Rule Mini is how effortless it is to pick up! Despite his age of six, Hudson had no trouble getting the hang of it. Naming ‘3 Girls Names’ or ‘3 Different Fruits’ while racing against a five-second timer made us laugh!

Expect the Unexpected!

Boy, were there some side-splitting moments! Jack, Hudson, Hayden, and I had moments of fame and faux pas as the ticking timer led us down hilarious paths of ridiculous answers. The beauty of it all? No two rounds were the same!

Fun for All, and All for Fun

One of the biggest wins for this little game? It had something for everyone. From the eldest, Hayden, who’s 11, to the youngest player Hudson, the 5 Second Rule Mini was fun.

5 Second Rule Mini Game

Here’s to More Hilarious Family Nights

Our night with the 5 Second Rule Mini game – Family Edition, was a bonanza of laughter and love. It had us in stitches, making it a massive hit in our blended household.

The genuine smiles and joy we experienced have led me to capture our night in an Instagram reel because moments like these deserve to be shared and relived, right?

Fancy a game that promises laughs and a fab family bonding session? Look no further than the 5 Second Rule Mini game. You’ll thank us later!

A Portable Party for Travelling Families

As summer hits, you know it’s time for us to embark on an adventure. And hey, what’s a family trip without many rib-tickling games to keep the entertainment flowing?

Whether flying high in the sky, cruising down motorways, or rattling along on a scenic train route, the 5 Second Rule Mini game is our perfect travel companion. It’s incredibly portable, so we can take the fun anywhere we go!

Why It’s a Travel Must-Have

This game isn’t just space-efficient (hello, we need room for Harlow’s teddies); it’s also perfect for keeping everyone engrossed during those long stretches of travel. So, when you hear “Are we there yet?” for the umpteenth time, you know it’s time to whip out the Mini game!

Family Fun on the Fly

Plane rides can get boring, but with this game in our arsenal, we keep the dullness at bay. Its quick-fire, rapid responses fit right in between inflight snacks and nap times. It’s also a fantastic icebreaker if you’re sitting next to a friendly passenger!

5 Second Rule  Mini Game

Choo-Choo, Choose Fun!

Train journeys provide a scenic backdrop for a 5 Second Rule Mini rollicking game. There’s nothing like watching the countryside blur past the window as you try to yell out “3 Types of Sandwiches” within five seconds.

Hit the Road with Laughter

Road trips are our favourites, and this game takes the cake regarding car-friendly fun. Small enough to slip into the door pocket but loaded with laughter-inducing prompts, the 5 Second Rule Mini game ensures our car journeys are filled with giggles.

The Ultimate Travel Game Collection

We’ve tried and tested our fair share of travel games, and let me tell you, not all cut it. But PlayMonster games, they’ve got the magic formula. If you want to see what other gems they offer for travelling families, hop over to our best PlayMonster family travel games roundup. Please keep your eyes peeled for our ULITMATE family travel game roundup. Has this mini game made the cut?

So here’s the deal, if your family travels are on the horizon, don’t forget to pack the 5 Second Rule Mini game. You’re in for a journey filled with non-stop fun! We loved it so much that we bought the 5 Second Rule Mini Game Entertainment Edition.

100 Question Generator

Need a few extra questions? Don’t worry – I have you covered! Here are approx 100 questions in my 5 second rule game questions generator for you to get on giggles on with. Have fun!

5 Second Rule Question Generator

5 Second Rule Questions

Your question will pop up here.

Test your quick thinking with a fun question!



Quick Thinking, Fast Talking, Non-Stop Family Fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the 5 Second Rule Mini Game

You bet! It’s compact, lightweight, and super easy to pack. Perfect for any mode of travel

Absolutely! It’s a great way to pass the time on long flights.

Definitely! It’s a surefire way to keep the car full of laughs and the “Are we there yet?” questions at bay.

Yes, absolutely! Check out our article on the best family travel games from PlayMonster for a list of our favourites!

Before You Go…

So, there you have it, folks! Our family night in, wrapped in our PJs with the rain outside, was turned into a memorable riot of laughter, thanks to PlayMonster. Not just a game; it’s a testament to how we can have oodles of fun and create unforgettable memories without leaving our dining table.

This game isn’t just perfect for snug evenings; it’s an ideal partner for all your summer travels. Whether you’re jetting off on a plane, embarking on a cross-country train trip, or planning a road trip in the car, this compact and portable game keeps the whole family entertained. Remember, our previous article has many more travel game recommendations for you.

So, what are you waiting for if you haven’t got your 5 Second Rule Mini game yet? Get ready to embrace the fun, the absurdity, and the downright silliness this game will introduce into your family time. Trust me, the laughter that ensues is priceless, and the memories made will last a lifetime. If you need more convincing, check out the reel I made on Instagram; it’s a riot!

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a game that can deliver barrels of laughs, light-hearted competitiveness, and a sprinkle of unpredictability, the 5 Second Rule Mini game should be on your shopping list. From our family to yours, happy gaming!

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