Best PlayMonster Travel Games 2023

5 Best PlayMonster Travel Games: Turn Travel Boredom into Fun

Hey, fabulous readers! It’s Charlotte again, with something that will turn your upcoming summer holiday journeys from ho-hum to heck-yeah! With school letting out and those long-awaited family trips on the horizon, we’re looking at how to entertain the kids (and, let’s be honest, us adults too). Say goodbye to endless cries of “Are we there yet?” with my top 5 travel games from PlayMonster.

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5 Second Rule Mini:
The Classic Game Gets a Fresh Spin with New Themes in a Portable Pack!

Unleash the fun wherever you go with the newly themed versions of the celebrated 5 Second Rule Mini game by PlayMonster! 

A sports enthusiast, entertainment junkie, or a family-centric soul – there’s a pack just for you!

You might think it’s a cinch to rattle off ‘3 Movie Trilogies’, ‘3 Football Positions’, or ‘3 Of Your Favourite Family Memories’. But here’s the twist – can you beat the clock and do it in 5 seconds flat?

With time as your greatest foe, prepare for hilarious, off-the-cuff answers as you race against the spiral timer. Say what pops into your mind, and let the laughter roll!

Dive into a world of 180 diverse topics with each game, including:

  • Entertainment: From movies, TV, music, and books to games and pop culture, they’ve got it all!
  • Family: Talk about family, pets, home, and opinions, and show off your general knowledge!
  • Sports: Whether it’s football, rugby, tennis, athletics or general sports knowledge, show us what you’ve got!

And the fun doesn’t end there. Use the SWITCH or PASS ON cards to either ‘duck’ a question or throw a curveball at your opponents. It’s all about strategy in this 2+ player game!

5 Second Rule Mini is more than just a game – Number one on our list of favourite PlayMonster travel games, it’s a wild, fun-filled ride that’s part of the renowned 5 Second Rule series from PlayMonster. Get ready to think fast and laugh harder!

Interesting Facts:

Family Holidays: According to a report by ABTA in 2019, 89% of UK families took at least one holiday together in the preceding 12 months.

Join the Neighbour Hoodies Frenzy:
The Card Game Where Uniqueness Reigns!

Welcome to the world of Neighbour Hoodies, the entertaining card game where standing out is the game’s name!

PlayMonster travel games - Neighbour Hoodies

Picture this: players, one after the other, pull cards from the pile and add them to their thriving street. But hold your horses; there’s a quirky rule you need to follow – no animal or costume on your street can match those of your neighbours! Can you feel the excitement bubbling up already?

Aim to build a bustling neighbourhood of 7 households first; voila, you’re the crowned champ of this whimsical game!

But Neighbour Hoodies isn’t just about the thrill of the game. It’s a secret learning tool, shh! It’s fantastic at fostering flexible thinking, honing matching skills, and instilling the all-important principle of turn-taking in players. So, you’re having a blast and picking up vital skills!

So, what are you waiting for? With one of our favourite PlayMonster travel games, Hop on the Neighbour Hoodies bandwagon and bring home the fun-filled, skill-building game that will become the star of your next family travel journey. Stand out, play smart, and let the fun unfold with Neighbour Hoodies!

Interesting Facts:

Domestic Travel: ABTA’s report also highlighted that 62% of families had taken a household holiday, showing the popularity of staycations within the UK.

Holiday Duration: The same YouGov report showed that, on average, UK families prefer to spend one to two weeks on their summer holidays.

Five Crowns: 
The Unforgettable Rummy-Style Card Game That’s Got Everyone Talking!

Looking for a card game that’s more than just the usual? Meet Five Crowns, the best-selling, rummy-style card game with a unique twist – a rotating wild card!

PlayMonster travel games - Five Crowns

This game isn’t just another addition to your collection – it’s the ultimate gaming experience that friends and family will find irresistible. It’s so good; you’ll be playing again and again. And why not? With an award-winning legacy and an exclusive deck design, Five Crowns knows how to keep things exciting!

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Each round opens up a world of possibilities with varying card hands and many ways to outsmart your opponents. The aim? Keep your score as low as possible while hiking up your opponents’ scores. The suspense is real!

Five Crowns is not just a game; it’s a rollercoaster ride of strategy, wit, and surprises! Whether you’re a group of two or more, this game promises to deliver fun, laughter, and friendly competition.

So, are you ready for a fun-packed evening that will keep you on your toes? Five Crowns is calling your name!


Interesting Facts:

Family Holiday Spending: The Office for National Statistics reported that UK households spent an average of £3,064 on holidays annually.

Multiple Holidays: A report by Mintel suggested that 42% of UK holidaymakers took more than one holiday a year.

The Electrifying, Award-Winning Game You’ll Want to Play Over and Over!

Get ready for SET, the classic, award-winning game that has everyone on the edge of their seats. It’s not just a game; it’s a race against time to find as many SETs as your keen eyes can spot!

PlayMonster travel games - SET Card Game

What’s a SET, you ask? Imagine three cards where each feature – colour, shape, number, or shading – is either a perfect match or unique. Sounds simple? Think again!

But wait, there’s more. In SET, there’s no waiting around – the moment you spot a SET, shout it out, seize the cards, and claim your victory! That’s right, no “turns”, no luck – just pure, adrenaline-fuelled fun that keeps your mind sharp and your heart racing!

SET isn’t just about speed and fun. It’s a game that challenges the brain, enhancing skills and firing up both your left and right brain hemispheres. Thanks to its rule of logic and the need to apply it to various patterns simultaneously, you’ll flex your cognitive muscles while having a blast!

And when the dust settles, the player boasting the most sets wins! SET is the perfect game for all ages and varying numbers of players, even if you fancy a solo challenge. It’s an intergenerational joyride that’s sure to bring everyone together.

So, whether you’re flying solo or playing in a group of up to 7, SET is the thrill-packed game that promises to deliver hours of fun. Ready, set, let’s play!


Interesting Facts:

Travel Preferences: Data from YouGov showed that seaside holidays were a favourite amongst UK families, with 52% choosing this option.

The Enticing Game of Cute, Cuddly Fun That You Can’t Resist!

Get ready to pop the top, roll the dice, and dive into a world of delightful fun with Pop-A-Tops! The aim? Race to collect the most charming animal piece you believe will raise the highest score!

PlayMonster travel games - Pop-a-tops

Feeling lucky? The player with the top score matching the dice roll walks away with the card! But the excitement doesn’t end there – the ultimate winner is the one who rounds up the most cards by the end of the game!

Ever wondered which pet is the cutest, the cuddliest, the largest, the rarest, or the most famous? It’s time to put your guesswork to the test with Pop-A-Tops!

But the best part? Pop-A-Tops is a self-contained marvel of a game. It’s packable, portable, and perfectly designed for two or more players. It’s a little game with a big fun factor!

But wait, there’s more! The Pop-A-Tops range includes various exciting games, including the deliciously exciting Bake-a-Cake, the historical Heads of History, the alien-filled Match-a-Martian, the prehistoric Dino Scores, and the chilly Best in Snow.

So why wait? It’s time to pop the top on some serious fun with Pop-A-Tops! Little games, humongous fun – that’s the Pop-A-Tops promise!


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about PlayMonster UK Games

They’re designed to bring fun for all ages! There are also games by PlayMonster which are specifically for adults.

Several stores stock these games. You can use the button on my page to buy them from Amazon. If you have Amazon PRIME, you’ll get it the next day!

Depending on the games you choose, each game has different suitability. Depending on your child’s age and skill set, the packaging will suggest the appropriate age. Hudson is six years old, and the 5 Second Rule game suggests 8+. He was more than capable.

All items for the games are provided in the packaging.

Before you go…

In a nutshell, these best PlayMonster travel games are a life-saver for those long, winding journeys. Each match offers unique charm and appeal, so they’re bound to keep the fun going from point A to B and Z!

And remember, travel isn’t just about the destination; it’s also about enjoying the journey. With these games on hand, every family outing becomes a memorable adventure. These games may turn out to be the highlight of your trip!

Happy playing, folks! And remember, no matter where your summer adventures take you, a fun-filled journey awaits with PlayMonster. Here’s to making memories that will last a lifetime!

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