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11 Best Decor Choices: How to Organize Clutter

Are you looking for the best tips on How to Organize Clutter? You’re in the right place – I’m here to help you with your next step! If your home is starting to look like something you are more likely to see on an episode of Hoarders than on the pages of Better Homes, then it might be time to rethink your decor choices. Clutter cramps your style and makes it much harder for you to relax at home.

The good news is that smart decor choices will make it much harder for clutter to accumulate…

How to organize clutter living room

1. How to Organize Clutter: Summon the Mighty Sideboards

Sideboards aren’t just relics from your granny’s dining room; they’re chic (when you buy from Sapphire Furniture), functional, and ready to swallow up everything from unsightly bills to your collection of mismatched serveware. Whether in your hallway, under a staircase, or acting as a stylish room divider, a sideboard is like having a personal assistant who’s good at keeping secrets—especially if the secret is your clutter.

2. How to Organize Clutter: Make it Multi-Functional

Multi-functional furniture allows you to use your space more effectively to meet your needs and is also great for hiding that clutter. Think storage ottomans, beds with drawers underneath, and coffee tables with secret storage compartments; you won’t go far wrong.

3. How to Organize Clutter: Go Vertical with Shelving

Remember when your mum told you the floor isn’t a shelf? Well, she was right. But the walls? They’re fair game. Installing floating shelves or a sleek set of bookcases gives you extra storage space and draws the eye upward, making your living room look bigger. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to display those quirky knick-knacks in a way that says ‘cultured collector’ rather than ‘yard sale fanatic’.

How to organize clutter minimalist kitchen

4. How to Organize Clutter: Basket Bonanza

Baskets are the real heroes of the decor world, at least regarding clutter. They’re perfect for stashing everything from magazines and throws to toys and shoes. Plus, they add a touch of rustic charm or modern flair (depending on your basket vibe) to any room. Just toss in your clutter, and voilà—it’s like it never existed.

5. How to Organize Clutter: Get Hooked on Hooks

If your chairs are drowning under a pile of clothes that didn’t quite make it to the closet, hooks are your new best friend. Install them in the hallway, behind doors, or even on a blank wall. They’re great for everything that handles a hang, from scarves and bags to jackets and robes. Hooks keep things off the floor and out of the way but still within easy reach when rushing out the door.

6. How to Organize Clutter: Under-the-Furniture Hideaways

The space under your furniture is a treasure trove of storage potential. Choose sofas and armchairs that sit high enough off the ground to slide bins, storage containers or low-profile drawers underneath. It’s a clever way to keep seasonal items out of sight without wasting precious closet space.

How to organize clutter bedroom

7. How to Organize Clutter: Declutter with Dividers

Room dividers aren’t just for creating privacy or breaking up space. They can also hide clutter beautifully. Choose a divider with shelving or pockets, and you’ve got yourself a multifunctional, decorative and practical masterpiece.

8. How to Organize Clutter: Embrace the Marie Kondo Method

The Marie Kondo method emphasizes keeping only items that spark joy. This decluttering process is a great way to eliminate unwanted items and create a more clutter-free space. By categorizing your household items and deciding which ones truly add value to your life, you can reduce the amount of time you spend dealing with clutter.

9. How to Organize Clutter: Utilize Storage Bins and Containers

Storage bins and containers are your best friends in the fight against clutter. Label these bins and use them to store similar items together. This organization system helps you keep track of your belongings and makes it easier to find what you need in record time. This is especially useful for specific areas like the laundry room or home office.

French Barn Kitchen

10. Designate a Spot for Everything

The easiest way and a good idea to maintain a clutter-free home is to have a designated spot for everything. Whether it’s a junk drawer for odds and ends or a bedside table with a drawer for your personal items, knowing where everything belongs will save you a lot of stress. This first step in organization ensures that each item has its place, reducing the likelihood of household clutter.

11. Implement a Regular Decluttering Project

Set aside time each month with family members for a decluttering project. This might involve sorting through sentimental items, purging unused items, or reorganizing specific areas like the kitchen table or garage sale finds. Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure that clutter doesn’t build up over time. If you’re struggling and have some spare change, you could always hire a storage unit or small space to help you.

And if all fails, hire a professional organizer!

Before you go

Sometimes, we have too much stuff or lots of stuff. These simple steps and creating specific goals allow you to transform your space into a haven of order in less time and won’t take long.

Whether utilizing multi-functional furnituredesignated spots, or regular decluttering projects, each choice contributes to a more organized and enjoyable living environment. Start with one area and build your way up, and soon, maintaining a clutter-free space will become second nature.

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