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101+ Best Middle Names for Levi 2024: Unique & Charming

Are you looking for the most perfect middle names for Levi? Look no further, I have the perfect list to complement your little prince.

At Adore Charlotte, we understand the significance of naming your newborn and how it marks one of the first and most crucial decisions you’ll make as a parent. As a mum of three, I’ve navigated this journey personally and dedicated countless hours to researching, networking with naming experts, and indulging in my love for the culture, etymology, and history behind names. Our mission is to provide engaging, reliable insights to make your name selection process joyful and informed.

To ease your search, we’ve developed a fun middle name generator available at the click of a button. Discover the ideal middle name for Levi and delve deeper into its origins, meaning, and more in our article. Don’t forget to check out the most popular names baby names of 2023 to stay on top of trends or to simply be as unique as possible.

Levi: A Name of Depth and History

Levi, a name of Hebrew origin meaning “joined” or “attached,” carries a sense of unity and connection. It is historically linked to the Levi group of Israel and has religious significance and timeless charm. In recent years, Levi has grown in popularity, striking the perfect balance between being unique and familiar. Celebrities like Sheryl Crow and Matthew McConaughey have chosen Levi for their sons, further solidifying its appeal.

Perfect Middle Names for Levi

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Harmonious Middle Names for Levi

  1. Levi James – The classic touch of James blends seamlessly with Levi, providing a grounded yet distinguished appeal.
  2. Levi Alexander – Alexander’s grandeur perfectly complements Levi’s simplicity, offering a regal flair.
  3. Levi Michael – This combination feels both traditional and contemporary, with Michael providing a strong, angelic resonance.
  4. Levi Thomas – Thomas adds a solid, historical depth to the breezy Levi, creating a balanced and memorable name.
  5. Levi Benjamin – The rhythmic flow of Benjamin with Levi echoes a poetic and noble charm, ideal for a child with a bright future.

Syllable Balance with Levi

One-Syllable Middle Names:

  • Levi Cole – A sharp, modern choice.
  • Levi Blake – Offers a soft yet masculine edge.
  • Levi Chase – Brings a dynamic, energetic vibe.

Two-Syllable Middle Names:

  • Levi Carter – A trendy, yet timeless option.
  • Levi Mason – Balances traditional and contemporary tones.
  • Levi Aaron – A harmonious blend of strength and fluidity.

Three-Syllable Middle Names:

  • Levi Nathaniel – Emanates sophistication and warmth.
  • Levi Benjamin – A classic, rhythmically appealing choice.
  • Levi Gregory – Provides a distinguished, yet approachable feel.

Alphabetical Charms: The Letter A

Choosing middle names that start with “A” after Levi offers a lyrical, flowing transition that’s pleasing to the ear. This combination strikes an elegant balance, capturing both uniqueness and harmony.

  1. Levi Alexander
  2. Levi Aaron
  3. Levi Adrian
  4. Levi Ashton
  5. Levi Austin

Unique Middle Names for Levi

  1. Levi Orion – A celestial nod that’s both unique and captivating.
  2. Levi Zephyr – For a touch of the whimsical and adventurous.
  3. Levi Peregrine – Uncommon, with a hint of nobility and travel.
  4. Levi Quill – Artistic and distinctive.
  5. Levi Wilder – Embodies a free spirit and daring nature.
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Best Middle Names for Levi

Levi Alexander
Origin: Greek
Meaning: Defender of the people
Variations: Alexandros, Alex, Xander
Details: Alexander the Great, one of history’s most successful military leaders, popularized this name.

Levi Jameson
Origin: English
Meaning: Son of James
Variations: Jamison, Jamesen
Details: Jameson originates from a surname meaning “son of James,” symbolizing continuity and heritage.

Levi Nathaniel
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Gift of God
Variations: Nathan, Nate, Nathanael
Details: Nathaniel has biblical roots, representing someone who is a gift or blessing from God.

Levi Sebastian
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Venerable, revered
Variations: Sebastien, Bastian, Seb
Details: Sebastian is a name of Greek origin, made popular by Saint Sebastian, a Christian martyr and saint.

Levi Theodore
Origin: Greek
Meaning: Gift of God
Variations: Theo, Teddy, Theodor
Details: Theodore is a classic name that has surged in popularity, thanks to its vintage charm and meaningful etymology.

Perfect Middle Names for Levi

Levi Benjamin
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Son of the right hand
Variations: Ben, Benji, Bennie
Details: Benjamin has a rich history, both biblically as the youngest son of Jacob and as a surname turned first name.

Levi Emerson
Origin: German
Meaning: Son of Emery
Variations: Emery, Emory, Emmerson
Details: Emerson, originally a surname, signifies industriousness and bravery, qualities that complement the name Levi well.

Levi Harrison
Origin: English
Meaning: Son of Harry
Variations: Harry, Harris
Details: Harrison, a name with presidential and Hollywood glamor, denotes strength and charisma.

Levi Maxwell
Origin: Scottish
Meaning: Great stream
Variations: Max, Maxie, Maxwell
Details: Maxwell is a distinguished name that exudes a sense of sophistication and timelessness.

Levi Oliver
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Olive tree
Variations: Ollie, Olly, Olivier
Details: Oliver is a name associated with peace and fruitfulness, stemming from the olive tree, a symbol of peace and victory.

Cute Baby Middle Names For Levi

Levi Finn
Origin: Irish
Meaning: Fair
Variations: Fionn, Finley, Finlay
Details: Finn is a name imbued with Irish folklore, denoting a warrior with a balance of fairness and bravery.

Levi Jude
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Praised
Variations: Judah, Judas, Jody
Details: Jude is a sweet and strong name, often associated with the Beatles’ song “Hey Jude,” giving it a touch of musical nostalgia.

Levi Milo
Origin: German
Meaning: Soldier or merciful
Variations: Milos, Myles, Mylo
Details: Milo combines ancient strength with a modern, friendly vibe, making it a perfect match for Levi.

Levi Toby
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: God is good
Variations: Tobias, Tobin, Tobiah
Details: Toby, a diminutive of Tobias, is a name that carries a cheerful and optimistic spirit.

Levi Cody
Origin: English
Meaning: Helpful, pillow
Variations: Codey, Kody, Codie
Details: Cody, with its Old West charm, brings a playful and adventurous quality to the middle name slot.

Cool Middle Names for Levi

Levi Maverick
Origin: American
Meaning: Independent, nonconformist
Variations: Mav, Rick, Mavrick
Details: Maverick, originally a surname, evokes images of someone who is daring and unorthodox, perfect for a cool vibe.

Levi Phoenix
Origin: Greek
Meaning: Dark red or rebirth
Variations: Phenix, Phoenyx, Fenix
Details: Phoenix symbolizes rebirth and immortality, offering a powerful and mystical quality.

Levi Zane
Origin: American
Meaning: God’s gracious gift
Variations: Zain, Zayne, Zaine
Details: Zane, a modern twist on John, brings an edgy and strong character to any name pairing.

Levi Axel
Origin: Scandinavian
Meaning: Father of peace
Variations: Aksel, Ax, Axe
Details: Axel, with its rock ‘n’ roll association thanks to Guns N’ Roses’ Axl Rose, adds a cool factor to Levi.

Levi Ryder
Origin: English
Meaning: Knight, mounted warrior
Variations: Rider, Rydell, Ryden
Details: Ryder suggests adventure and bravery, making it a fitting complement to Levi for a dynamic duo.

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Sweet Middle Names for Levi

Levi Julian
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Youthful, downy
Variations: Julien, Julio, Julius
Details: Julian, with its soft consonants and gentle sound, adds a sweet and historical depth to Levi.

Levi Elliot
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: The Lord is my God
Variations: Eliot, Elliott, Eliott
Details: Elliot, a name that bridges traditional and modern styles, provides a comforting and sweet tone.

Levi Gabriel
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: God is my strength
Variations: Gabe, Gabby, Gabrielle
Details: Gabriel, a name of divine strength and tenderness, enhances Levi with an angelic sweetness.

Levi Owen
Origin: Welsh
Meaning: Young warrior or noble
Variations: Owain, Ewan, Eoin
Details: Owen, with its Welsh origins, offers a charming and valiant spirit, perfect for a sweet middle name.

Levi Simon
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: He has heard
Variations: Simeon, Sim, Si
Details: Simon, a name that exudes wisdom and sweetness, complements Levi with its harmonious and soft sound.

Unique Middle Names For Levi

Levi Orion
Origin: Greek
Meaning: Son of fire
Variations: Oryan, Orien, Orin
Details: Orion, named after the mythical hunter and constellation, brings a stellar and unique flair to the name Levi.

Levi Kairo
Origin: Arabic
Meaning: Victorious one
Variations: Cairo, Kyro, Kiro
Details: Kairo, with its modern spelling twist on the Egyptian capital, exudes uniqueness and a sense of adventure.

Levi Quinton
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Fifth
Variations: Quentin, Quintin, Quint
Details: Quinton, a name with both ancient roots and a modern vibe, offers a unique and numerically significant option.

Levi Zephyr
Origin: Greek
Meaning: West wind
Variations: Zephir, Zefir, Zephr
Details: Zephyr, embodying the gentlest of breezes, provides a refreshingly unique and airy complement to Levi.

Levi Jett
Origin: English
Meaning: Black gemstone
Variations: Jet, Jette, Jettson
Details: Jett, sleek and simple, evokes both the natural world and high-speed adventure, making it a standout choice.

Modern Middle Names For Levi

Levi Grayson
Origin: English
Meaning: Son of the grey-haired one
Variations: Greyson, Graysen, Gray
Details: Grayson offers a contemporary edge with a nod to heritage, blending modernity with a sense of history.

Levi Kai
Origin: Hawaiian
Meaning: Sea
Variations: Kye, Cai, Kay
Details: Kai is a short and modern name that captures the spirit of the ocean, offering a cool and breezy vibe.

Levi Jaxon
Origin: American
Meaning: Son of Jack
Variations: Jackson, Jax, Jaxson
Details: Jaxon, a modern twist on the traditional Jackson, brings an updated and energetic feel.

Levi Easton
Origin: English
Meaning: East-facing place
Variations: Easten, East, Eastyn
Details: Easton, suggesting direction and exploration, is a modern name that pairs well with the timeless Levi.

Levi Lennox
Origin: Scottish
Meaning: With many elm trees
Variations: Lennix, Lennex, Lenox
Details: Lennox brings a modern yet timeless quality with its Scottish heritage and natural world association.

Traditional Middle Names for Levi

Levi Charles
Origin: German
Meaning: Free man
Variations: Charlie, Charley, Karl
Details: Charles is a regal and traditional name, offering a solid and classic complement to Levi.

Levi Edward
Origin: English
Meaning: Wealthy guardian
Variations: Ed, Eddie, Ted
Details: Edward, with its royal and noble history, adds a dignified and traditional aspect to Levi.

Levi George
Origin: Greek
Meaning: Farmer
Variations: Georgie, Georgio, Jorge
Details: George, a name of kings and saints, provides a timeless and stately quality, perfectly suiting Levi.

Levi Henry
Origin: German
Meaning: Ruler of the household
Variations: Harry, Hank, Hal
Details: Henry has a noble and traditional feel, echoing centuries of rulers and literary figures.

Levi William
Origin: German
Meaning: Resolute protection
Variations: Will, Billy, Liam
Details: William is a name that carries with it a sense of strength and tradition, making it an ideal partner for Levi.

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Popular Middle Names for Levi

Levi Jackson
Origin: English
Meaning: Son of Jack
Variations: Jaxon, Jack, Jax
Details: Jackson has become a popular choice for its strong, yet friendly, appeal, complementing Levi well.

Levi Mason
Origin: French
Meaning: Stone worker
Variations: Masen, Mayson, Mace
Details: Mason, once a surname, has risen in popularity as a first name, offering a solid and artisanal quality.

Levi Ethan
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Strong, firm
Variations: Eitan, Etan, Ethen
Details: Ethan, known for its enduring popularity, pairs nicely with Levi, providing a strong and classical balance.

Levi Noah
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Rest, comfort
Variations: Noe, Noa, Noach
Details: Noah, a timeless name with a soothing sound, brings a serene and popular quality to the middle name position.

Levi Lucas
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Light
Variations: Luke, Lukas, Luc
Details: Lucas, with its widespread appeal and light-filled meaning, adds a bright and popular flair to Levi.

Short Middle Names for Levi

Levi Cole
Origin: English
Meaning: Swarthy, coal-black
Variations: Kole, Coal, Coles
Details: Cole, concise and powerful, brings a sharp and sleek edge to Levi, perfect for a succinct and memorable name pairing.

Levi Jack
Origin: English
Meaning: God is gracious
Variations: Jax, Jackie, Jackson
Details: Jack, a perennial favorite, offers a lively and straightforward complement to Levi.

Levi Seth
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Appointed
Variations: Set, Sethy, Sethe
Details: Seth, with its biblical roots and simple elegance, provides a calm and clear contrast to Levi.

Levi Beau
Origin: French
Meaning: Handsome
Variations: Bo, Bow, Beaux
Details: Beau, evoking charm and attractiveness, adds a touch of sophistication and brevity.

Levi Dean
Origin: English
Meaning: Valley
Variations: Deen, Dene, Deane
Details: Dean, with its academic and geographic connotations, offers a strong and straightforward choice.

Long Middle Names for Levi

Levi Montgomery
Origin: Norman French
Meaning: Mountain of the powerful man
Variations: Monty, Gomery, Montie
Details: Montgomery, with its aristocratic air and length, adds a distinguished and robust flair to Levi.

Levi Bartholomew
Origin: Aramaic
Meaning: Son of Talmai (furrowed)
Variations: Bart, Bartley, Tolly
Details: Bartholomew, a name with biblical roots, offers a strong historical presence and a rich, textured sound.

Levi Christopher
Origin: Greek
Meaning: Bearer of Christ
Variations: Chris, Topher, Christof
Details: Christopher, timeless and classic, brings depth and a narrative of care and devotion.

Levi Zachariah
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: The Lord has remembered
Variations: Zach, Zack, Zak
Details: Zachariah, with its deep biblical roots, offers a melodic and memorable resonance, perfect for a meaningful connection.

Levi Alexander
Origin: Greek
Meaning: Defender of the people
Variations: Alex, Xander, Sander
Details: Alexander’s classic appeal and strong historical significance make it a robust and versatile choice for a middle name.

Unisex Middle Names For Levi

Levi Jordan
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Flowing down
Variations: Jorden, Jordyn, Jordaan
Details: Jordan, with its natural and fluid connotation, offers a versatile and gender-neutral option.

Levi Taylor
Origin: English
Meaning: Tailor
Variations: Tayler, Tailor, Tay
Details: Taylor, originally a surname denoting a profession, provides a modern and unisex flair.

Levi Avery
Origin: English
Meaning: Ruler of the elves
Variations: Averie, Averi, Avry
Details: Avery, blending soft sounds with strong meaning, brings a magical and gender-neutral element.

Levi Riley
Origin: Irish
Meaning: Valiant
Variations: Ryley, Rylie, Reilly
Details: Riley, connoting courage and adventurousness, suits any child looking to explore the world with Levi.

Levi Morgan
Origin: Welsh
Meaning: Sea-born or sea-circle
Variations: Morgyn, Morgen, Morgane
Details: Morgan, with its mystical and sea-related origins, offers a unisex and evocative middle name choice.

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Simple Middle Names for Levi

Levi John
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: God is gracious
Variations: Jon, Johnny, Jonathan
Details: John is a timeless and straightforward choice, embodying simplicity and grace alongside Levi.

Levi Paul
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Small, humble
Variations: Paolo, Paulus, Pavel
Details: Paul, with its concise and humble origins, adds a straightforward and dignified quality.

Levi Mark
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Warlike
Variations: Marc, Markus, Marco
Details: Mark, combining simplicity with a touch of strength, pairs well with Levi for a classic duo.

Levi Adam
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Man, to make
Variations: Adan, Adem, Addam
Details: Adam, representing the archetypal human and simplicity, complements Levi with a grounded presence.

Levi Scott
Origin: Scottish
Meaning: From Scotland
Variations: Scot, Scotto, Scotty
Details: Scott, a name that is both simple and strong, brings a clear and straightforward identity.

One Syllable Middle Names for Levi

Levi Bruce
Origin: Norman French
Meaning: The willowlands
Variations: Brucie, Bruis, Broose
Details: Bruce, strong and resonant, conveys both a natural element and a historical legacy of bravery.

Levi Grant
Origin: Scottish
Meaning: Great, large
Variations: Grantham, Grante, Granta
Details: Grant, with its straightforward and powerful essence, pairs excellently with Levi for a commanding name duo.

Levi Blake
Origin: English
Meaning: Dark, fair
Variations: Blakely, Blayke, Blaine
Details: Blake, with its dual meaning and crisp sound, adds a modern yet timeless edge to Levi.

Levi Gage
Origin: French
Meaning: Oath, pledge
Variations: Gaige, Gauge
Details: Gage brings a modern edge with a hint of mystery and commitment, offering a concise but impactful name pairing.

Levi Chase
Origin: English
Meaning: Huntsman
Variations: Chace, Chas
Details: Chase, evoking images of vigor and pursuit, adds a dynamic and spirited energy to the name Levi.

Two Syllable Middle Names for Levi

Levi Carter
Origin: English
Meaning: Transporter of goods by cart
Variations: Karter, Cartier, Carver
Details: Carter, with its occupational roots, brings a sense of industriousness and reliability.

Levi Dylan
Origin: Welsh
Meaning: Son of the sea
Variations: Dillan, Dylon, Dyl
Details: Dylan, inspired by the sea and Welsh mythology, offers a poetic and musical rhythm.

Levi Aaron
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: High mountain; exalted, enlightened
Variations: Aron, Erin, Ahron
Details: Aaron, with its biblical significance and gentle sound, pairs well with Levi for a balanced and harmonious name.

Levi Justin
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Just, righteous
Variations: Justyn, Justen, Justus
Details: Justin, a name that conveys fairness and nobility, adds a contemporary yet timeless quality.

Levi Archer
Origin: English
Meaning: Bowman
Variations: Arch, Archie, Archar
Details: Archer, with its connotations of precision and strength, offers a modern yet timeless appeal, perfectly complementing Levi.

Three Syllable Middle Names for Levi

Levi Dominic
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Belonging to the Lord
Variations: Dom, Nick, Nico
Details: Dominic, with its strong spiritual connotation and rhythmic sound, adds an elegant and profound layer.

Levi Jonathan
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Gift of Jehovah
Variations: Jon, Nathan, Jonny
Details: Jonathan, a name rich in history and loyalty, offers depth and a classic biblical resonance.

Levi Frederick
Origin: German
Meaning: Peaceful ruler
Variations: Fred, Freddy, Rick
Details: Frederick, a name of regal and historic stature, adds a layer of nobility and tranquility.

Levi Giovanni
Origin: Italian
Meaning: God is gracious
Variations: Gio, Vanni, Gianni
Details: Giovanni, rich in Italian heritage and melodious sound, brings an international flair and divine grace.

Levi Theodore
Origin: Greek
Meaning: Gift of God
Variations: Theo, Teddy, Ted
Details: Theodore, embodying a blend of classic charm and spiritual significance, provides a heartfelt and timeless choice.

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Nature Inspired Middle Names For Levi

Levi Rowan
Origin: Celtic
Meaning: Little redhead or tree
Variations: Roan, Rohan, Rowen
Details: Rowan, derived from the rowan tree, known for its vibrant berries and protective qualities, offers a natural and spirited choice.

Levi Jasper
Origin: Persian
Meaning: Treasurer
Variations: Jaspar, Jas, Gaspar
Details: Jasper, a gemstone known for its nurturing and protective properties, brings a touch of the natural world.

Levi River
Origin: English
Meaning: Flowing body of water
Variations: Rivers, Ryver, Riv
Details: River, evoking the calm and strength of flowing water, adds a serene and powerful element.

Levi Forrest
Origin: English
Meaning: Woodsman or forest
Variations: Forest, Forrester, Forester
Details: Forrest, reminiscent of the deep and mysterious woods, provides a grounded and adventurous spirit.

Levi Sky
Origin: Norse
Meaning: Cloud
Variations: Skye, Skylar, Skyler
Details: Sky, capturing the vastness and beauty of the heavens, offers a broad and inspiring perspective.

Biblical Middle Names For Levi

Levi Samuel
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: God has heard
Variations: Sam, Sammy, Samual
Details: Samuel, a prophet in the Old Testament, brings a strong biblical connection and a sense of destiny.

Levi Isaac
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: He will laugh, he will rejoice
Variations: Isaak, Izak, Zack
Details: Isaac, symbolizing joy and faith, provides a biblical name with deep historical and emotional resonance.

Levi Elijah
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: My God is Yahweh
Variations: Eli, Elias, Elisha
Details: Elijah, a prophet who ascended to heaven in a whirlwind, offers a powerful and mystical biblical choice.

Levi Jonah
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Dove
Variations: Jonas, Jona, Jon
Details: Jonah, known for the story of the whale, symbolizes peace and deliverance, adding depth and narrative.

Levi Micah
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Who is like God?
Variations: Mika, Mike, Mikah
Details: Micah, with its question of divine comparison, offers a thoughtful and spiritual complement to Levi.

Location Inspired Middle Names For Levi

Levi Austin
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Great, magnificent
Variations: Austen, Auston, Austyn
Details: Austin, also a city in Texas known for its vibrant music and culture, brings a sense of grandeur and liveliness.

Levi Dallas
Origin: Scottish
Meaning: Meadow dwelling
Variations: Dalas, Dalis, Dallis
Details: Dallas, a city name with a strong and rugged character, adds a geographical and bold flair.

Levi Orlando
Origin: Italian
Meaning: Famous land
Variations: Roland, Rolando, Orland
Details: Orlando, evoking images of adventure and fantasy, offers a name filled with personality and warmth.

Levi Denver
Origin: Old English
Meaning: Green valley
Variations: Denvar, Denver, Den
Details: Denver, combining natural beauty with urban sophistication, provides a fresh and energetic middle name choice.

Levi Kingston
Origin: English
Meaning: King’s town
Variations: King, Kingsley, Kinston
Details: Kingston, with its regal undertone and connection to places of historical significance, offers a strong and worldly vibe.

Nicknames for Levi

  1. Lee
  2. Lev
  3. Vee
  4. L
  5. LV

Variations of Levi

  1. Levy
  2. Levie
  3. Levon
  4. Levin
  5. Levis

Similar Names to Levi

  1. Levi and Landon
  2. Levi and Noah
  3. Levi and Ezra
  4. Levi and Asher
  5. Levi and Caleb

Sibling Names for Levi

  1. Levi and Ava – Both names are short, sweet, and stylish.
  2. Levi and Ethan – Shares a modern yet timeless quality.
  3. Levi and Isla – Complements Levi with its simplicity and charm.
  4. Levi and Micah – Both names have biblical origins, offering a harmonious pairing.
  5. Levi and Sophia – Levi’s crisp sound contrasts beautifully with Sophia’s softness.

Picking the Perfect Middle Name for Levi

Choosing the right middle name for Levi involves considering the flow of the names together, the meaning behind each name, and how they reflect your aspirations for your child. Think about the initials, how the names sound aloud, and how they complement each other in both rhythm and meaning.

Before You Go

Selecting Levi’s middle name is an exciting journey filled with possibilities. Whether you lean towards traditional, unique, or somewhere in between, remember to enjoy the process. After all, this name will be a gift that your child will carry with them throughout their life.

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