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5 Best Baby Monitors 2024: A Parents Must-Have!

Greetings, beautiful souls! Charlotte here, your trusted mummy blogger. I’m sharing my insights into the world of baby monitors, not just baby monitors but the best baby monitors. My journey from bustling London streets to the serenity of an Essex village has been nothing short of fantastic. From keeping up with Hayden and Hudson’s energetic needs to play football on the field – every day! To baby Harlow’s reaching every milestone before the required time and planning our upcoming wedding with my fiancĂ© Jack, every day is an adventure! Not to mention We’ll have been in our new home for a year next month.

After a much-needed sabbatical from blogging, my return is marked by today’s post, one every parent can resonate with. Grab your coffee, and let’s dive deep into the world of baby monitors.

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What are the Best Baby Monitors?

When shopping for baby furnishings or equipment, the desire to choose the most modern alternative on the market is always strong. After all, it’s your child’s room we’re talking about. When you have a small kid in the home, the circumstances call for nothing but the best.

You may now select something that gives you peace of mind knowing you can check in on your kid anytime. Because most baby monitors have several settings, you can customise your monitor to fit you and your lifestyle.

However, with so many functions, choosing the best baby monitor in the UK for your kid might take a lot of work. Our baby monitor reviews will cover a variety of monitoring systems, allowing you to make an educated decision to ensure a safe baby sleep.
Let’s dive into it:

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5 Best Baby Monitors At A Glance

Our Pick – Tried and tested

Angelcare Baby Movement Monitor

Unique Feature: A movement sensor pad that detects even the tiniest movements, designed with an angelic touch. Please keep your eyes peeled for our separate review coming soon.

Tommee Tippee Dreamee

Unique Feature: 360-degree night-vision camera combined with a motion sensor pad for comprehensive baby monitoring.

HelloBaby HB32 Wireless Monitor

Unique Feature: Upgraded 2.4GHz wireless tech with high-resolution display and VOX mode, ensuring strong connection and intelligent monitoring.

HelloBaby Monitor 4″

Unique Feature: An impressive 29-hour battery life paired with a clear 4-inch IPS display ensures prolonged monitoring with clarity.

Lollipop Baby Monitor

Unique Feature: All-in-one detection system promptly notifies parents about the baby’s cries, movements, or sounds directly to your smartphone.

My 5 Best Baby Monitors

Angelcare Baby Movement Monitor

Angel Care Baby Monitor - Best Baby Monitor

Making the best baby monitor guide would be easy, including an Angelcare baby monitor with over 1,000 good ratings on Amazon. Angelcare’s products are manufactured with love and a unique design in mind. As you can see, the baby unit is designed to appear like an angel, complete with Halo. 

Its movement sensor is simple to install and configure. Since the baby does not always produce a sound with their more significant movements, the two sensors worked together to inform us of what was happening to them.

The audio monitor has a 250m range, which is relatively large, and the quality is excellent. The parental unit flashed at the correct sounds (using TIC) and reported back with either sound or vibration so that you never missed anything. 

Instead of just not reporting any noises, the parent unit will let you know if you wander too far from its range.

It contains a night light to check on the baby without waking them or as a standard night light when the baby is older. The primary parental unit is comfortable to handle and has a 1.2′′ colour screen; it does not have a video stream. 

Therefore the screen is enough. Everything is easily visible and ergonomically made to fit most hand sizes. The parental unit may be plugged in to save batteries and recharged. It also has a lovely cradle, so you don’t always have to hold it. The baby unit runs on rechargeable batteries rather than mains.

Angelcare AC327 is one of the best sound and movement sensors on the market, and the overwhelming number of positive online reviews validate our evaluation. It’s modest with its simple features and an easy-to-read parental unit. It’s neither cheap nor costly, but it’s a great deal for what you get.

Angelcare AC327 Pros

  • A sensitive motion sensor pad
  • Temperature alerts
  • Two-way communication
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Adjustable colour video
  • Exceptional night vision
  • Robust

Angelcare AC327 Cons

  • There is no touchscreen
  • No smartphone app
  • Camera height can not be changed

Tommee Tippee Dreamee

Tommee Tippee Dreamee Baby Monitor - Best Baby Monitors

The Dreamee baby monitors from Tommee Tippee contain a 360-degree night-vision camera and a motion sensor pad that you place under the mattress. 

Besides seeing a clear image of your baby through the parent unit, you can watch them sleep tracking your baby’s movement as they sleep. It is an incredibly essential function for people with babies since it allows you to feel secure while leaving the nursery.

Its camera has a 330-degree horizontal pan, a 110-degree vertical tilt, and a 60-degree field of vision. It makes it simple to snap a clear image of your kid in focus. When light levels drop, the infrared LED camera shifts to night mode to provide a clear picture to the parent unit. 

As your kid becomes more active, such as trying to crawl out of their crib, the Dreamee’s auto motion monitoring lets you catch them. Its movement sensor pad is stylish and fits snuggly under the mattress, so your kid won’t ever realise it’s there. 

A CrySensor, which detects cries and instantly plays your preferred lullaby or music to calm your baby back to sleep, is a helpful feature. 

Tommee Tippee Dreamee Pros

  • 4.3-inch parent unit with 2x zoom capability
  • Range of 300 meters
  • 360-degree video camera
  • Peace of mind, use a movement sensor mat 

Tommee Tippee Dreamee Cons

  • It does not connect to your phone.

HelloBaby HB32 Wireless Baby Monitor

HelloBaby HB32 Wireless Baby Monitor - Best Baby Monitor

The HelloBaby HB32 wireless monitor originated with the parent’s desire to closely check their newborn throughout the first months. Its upgraded 2.4GHz wireless technology provides a stronger, more private connection, and the 3.2-inch colour LCD screen offers excellent quality.

This high-resolution baby monitor from HelloBaby is designed to limit the possibility of accidentally lost signals. It has a robust wireless connection and an excellent audio streaming system, so you can even talk to your kid from a distance. Its VOX mode also makes the monitor smarter, enabling it to switch on quickly when sound triggers the system.

Although just one camera comes with it, this handy baby monitor can simultaneously link up to four cameras. However, even one camera may significantly affect your peace of mind.

The machine has a low battery and no signal warning to guarantee you never lose track of your connection. There’s two-way communication, temperature monitoring and alerts, sound-activated LED indications, a screen-off option, and a digital zoom of two times. This device has eight lullaby choices if you need help putting your baby to sleep.

HelloBaby HB32 Wireless Pros

  • 3.2-inch digital colour LCD
  • VOX mode for convenience
  • Compatible with up to four cameras
  • Two-way communication and an audio-only mode
  • Temperature and volume monitor

HelloBaby HB32 Wireless Cons

  • Can cause interference with Wi-Fi signals
  • The charging cord may be fragile.

4″ HelloBaby Baby Monitor

HelloBaby Baby Monitor 4" - Best Baby Monitors

The HelloBaby Monitor is a feature-rich baby monitor that blends convenience and performance. It provides a fantastic monitoring experience without depending on Wi-Fi access due to its remarkable battery life and high-definition screen.

The battery life of the HelloBaby Monitor is one of its most notable qualities. It can run for up to 29 hours on a single charge, allowing for continuous monitoring without regular recharging. The monitor has a 4-inch IPS screen with rich colours and crisp images to let you see your baby.

This non-wifi baby monitor has a two-way audio system that allows you to hear and react to your baby’s noises. It also offers room temperature monitoring, which ensures your baby’s comfort at all times. The night vision function of the monitor gives good sight in low-light circumstances, allowing you to watch your baby even at night.

HelloBaby Baby Monitor 4″ Pros

  • 4-inch IPS display
  • Battery life of 29 hours
  • Two-way audio
  • Pan and tilt control via remote
  • Evident video display

HelloBaby Baby Monitor 4″ Cons

  • There is no Wi-Fi connection.

Lollipop Baby Monitor

Lollipop Baby Monitor - Best Baby Monitor

The Lollipop Baby Monitor is an excellent Wi-Fi baby monitor and our fifth-best smart baby monitor pick. This modern digital model has an all-in-one detecting system that alerts you quickly if your baby begins screaming, moving, or is just awake and making sounds. It delivers high-quality audio and video to your smartphone, compatible with Android and iOS.

The camera’s flexible, wrap-around tail and accompanying software make setup and installation a breeze. You may talk to your baby using the built-in speaker for further comfort.

It’s simpler to check on your sleeping kid with the sophisticated night vision mode than walking into their room in the dark. If you have two or more children, you may connect additional cameras and utilise the multi-streaming option to ensure everyone falls asleep quickly.

This model cannot tilt or rotate, but you may manually position it to cover your baby’s crib. As a result, this baby monitor is better suited to small infants rather than older or more mobile kids or toddlers. However, it offers a broad field of vision, which compensates in some ways.

Overall, suppose your house’s Wi-Fi is fast, and you’re searching for a budget baby monitor and camera to use with your smartphone. In that case, the Lollipop Baby Monitor is an excellent option. This smart baby monitor will not disappoint due to its highly efficient all-in-one detecting technology and high-quality audio and video.

Lollipop Pros

  • All-in-one detection system
  • Excellent night vision
  • Setup and installation are straightforward
  • Integrated speaker
  • With the multi-streaming option, the image quality is excellent.

Lollipop Cons

  • It is necessary to register.
  • There are no motorised pan or tilt capabilities.

Quick Stats Corner

Rising Demand: There has been an increasing demand for baby monitors in the UK, driven by a growing number of tech-savvy parents who value digital baby monitors’ convenience and security.

Market Size: The UK baby monitor market has seen steady growth. The global baby monitor market was valued at around $1.2 billion in 2019 and was expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 6% from 2020 to 2027. As a significant market in Europe, the UK contributed significantly to this.

Trends: Video monitors were gaining more popularity in the UK than audio-only devices due to the additional assurance and functionality they provide to parents.

Safety Concerns: There have been rising concerns about the security of Wi-Fi-enabled baby monitors in the UK, with reports of some smart devices being hacked, prompting parents to opt for more secure or non-connected devices.

Brands: Popular brands such as Motorola, BT, and Tommee Tippee had a significant share of the UK baby monitor market.

Best Baby Monitors Buying Guide: What to look for in a monitor.

Monitor Type:

How can you determine whether an audio, video, or motion monitor is the best? Your baby monitor type will vary by budget, house setup, and personal preference. If you want to save money or don’t want the bells and whistles of a more expensive monitor, go for an audio baby monitor. 

A video monitor is perfect if observing your kid in real-time offers you peace of mind. Work away from home, travel often, or want to see your favourite small person whenever possible? Consider getting a Wi-Fi monitor. There’s no right or wrong answer—focus on what works for you.

Battery Life:

Not all baby monitors can plug into the mains, so battery life is a significant factor in finding a baby monitor. Also, consider whether the baby monitor would notify you when the battery was low in an apparent manner. A rechargeable baby monitor has a shorter battery life than a plugged-in one. Still, it’s easier to take on holidays.

Temperature Monitoring:

Some parents may already have a thermometer or may purchase one separately. However, remember that specific baby monitors also function as temperature monitors for those seeking an all-in-one monitor. 

The monitor remains in the room you want to measure the temperature, so why not purchase something that does everything? A temperature monitor module is unnecessary for a “best” monitor, but it might be necessary.

Motion Sensor:

Is it essential for you to know every time your child reacts? Some monitors can detect movement in the video stream. In contrast, others come with a motion sensor pad under the mattress. Perfect for individuals who are concerned about their baby’s well-being but may be too much for others.

Notifications And Alerts:

When selecting a good baby monitor, consider the kind of notifications and alerts you want from the receiver. A cheap monitor may only play the noise back to you, but a better one may feature LED lights to assist you in determining whether it’s normal. If they’re moving slightly, you don’t want your monitor to keep alarming you.

Range and Interference:

A top-quality Wi-Fi baby monitor should have good range, clarity, and interference. 

Clarity refers to how effectively your baby monitor recognises noises and sights. At the same time, the range is the distance a trustworthy signal may go. Interference is apparent; some systems broadcast on the same frequencies as wireless home phone systems.

WiFi-based versions don’t have range or interference difficulties, but wired or older wireless systems do. The number and kind of barriers that the signals must travel through also impact the range. Clarity is an essential factor to consider regardless of the sort of baby monitor you choose.


The monitor’s frequency and technology often determine the sound’s clarity. Monitors equipped with DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) technology provide more precise sound and experience minimal interference compared to older analogue models.

Display Quality: 

For those choosing video monitors, the quality of the display is paramount. You’d want to ensure the video feed is crisp and clear in daylight and when using night vision modes. A grainy or laggy video feed can be more of a hindrance than a help.


Security becomes particularly essential for monitors that are Wi-Fi-enabled. It’s crucial to pick a monitor that uses encrypted signals to deter potential hackers. Furthermore, users should be proactive by changing default passwords and regularly updating the device’s software or firmware when updates are available.

Additional Features: 

Many modern baby monitors come with a range of extra features. Some offer built-in lullabies and nightlights. The talk-back feature, which allows parents to communicate with their baby from a different room, and an adjustable camera for the perfect viewing angle are also popular additions.


For parents who are always on the move within their home or garden, the portability of the parent unit can be a deciding factor. A compact and easily transportable monitor ensures you can keep a close eye on your baby, no matter where you are in the house.

Ease of Use: 

An intuitive and user-friendly baby monitor can make a difference, especially during those late-night check-ins. Even in the dark, monitors that are easy to set up and operate can reduce stress and ensure smoother operation.

Price and Brand Reputation: 

While everyone has a budget, balancing cost with quality is often a good idea. Sometimes, investing more can offer better reliability and peace of mind. Always consider the brand’s reputation and read reviews from other parents to make an informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are FAQ’s about baby monitors

A baby monitor is a gadget that enables parents or caregivers to remotely watch their baby’s actions and noises while they are away. A baby unit with a microphone and a camera positioned near the parent unit with a speaker and display handled by the parent or caregiver are standard components.

Baby monitors are classified into three types: audio-only monitors, video monitors, and Wi-Fi monitors. Audio monitors provide sound alone, video monitors send audio and video, and Wi-Fi monitors utilise your home’s Wi-Fi network to send audio and video to your smartphone or tablet. You’ll find that smart baby and Wi-Fi baby monitors are usually the same.

Your tastes and requirements determine it. Video monitors allow you to watch your kid, which may be comforting for parents. Audio monitors are appropriate if your primary worry is hearing your baby’s noises.

In general, baby monitors are safe to use. To avoid any possible risks, following the manufacturer’s instructions and keeping the baby unit out of the baby’s range is essential. Furthermore, if you choose a Wi-Fi monitor, be sure it has strong security capabilities to prevent unwanted access. Many people prefer a connected baby monitor because the video feed stays local to the video monitor.

A baby monitor’s range varies based on the type and brand. Non-Wi-Fi monitors, aka local video baby monitor, typically have a range of a few hundred feet. However, Wi-Fi, aka non may have a more excellent capacity, limited only by the strength of your home’s Wi-Fi signal.

Before you go…

Determining your monitoring objectives and choosing one might be stressful if you need clarification on what baby monitor you want. 

Our comprehensive reviews may help you save time and effort by presenting the best prestigious items across all categories in one spot. We evaluated various monitors to determine the ideal options for each one. We know that our selection will satisfy your requirements and budget.

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