Christmas Eve Traditions a Family Movie Night

5 Best Christmas Eve Traditions For The Whole Family

Christmas is a beautiful time for families to get together and make new core memories that will last a lifetime. You can start Christmas or Christmas Eve traditions at any time, and they have the potential to become something your children do with their children in years to come.

If you’re looking for new traditions to start at Christmas with your family, these tips in this article will inspire you.

A beautiful black family wearing matching Christmas pyjamas as part of their Christmas Eve Traditions. They are sitting in a cozy living room with a fireplace, Christmas tree, and festive decorations, smiling and enjoying a warm, festive atmosphere.

Christmas Pyjamas

Christmas pyjamas are a popular tradition for many people around the world, and for some in the UK, having new Christmas Eve pyjamas is a family tradition going back many years. These can be Christmas-themed or not, personalised or matching for the whole family, including pets, or they can carry a theme such as a movie franchise or popular culture reference, depending on your interests.

Or you can make Christmas Day pj day and relax in brand new pyjamas at home. It’s entirely up to you.

A living room set up for a family Christmas movie night, featuring a large TV screen showing a family-friendly Christmas movie. A comfortable couch with cushions and blankets, and a coffee table laden with snacks like popcorn, hot chocolate, and cookies. The room is decorated with a Christmas tree and has a warm, inviting ambiance.

Christmas Movie Night

Why not round off the last pre-Christmas day by having a movie day? Hold a family discussion, pick a film ahead of time you want to watch, and get some movie snacks in. From a bucket of popcorn to a Christmas-themed snack board with hot chocolate, you can go as big or as simple as you wish, but this is a lovely way to spend Christmas Eve and have some time before the big day.

Open One Gift

Around 16 countries exchange gifts on Christmas Eve and leave Christmas to celebrate with family. Why not start a new tradition of opening one gift on Christmas Eve and saving the best of the big day? You can pick a small gift up to a specific value, have the gift be the same thing each year, i.e. a book or host a family Secret Santa and make homemade gifts, for example. The type of gift you choose to give or open is entirely up to you, but this is something fun the whole family can do.

A dad and his children opening one Christmas gift each in a living room as part of their Christmas Eve Traditions. They are sitting around a Christmas tree, holding wrapped gifts, with festive lights and a fireplace in the background, showing joy and anticipation.

See Neighbourhood Lights

An excellent Christmas Eve activity that can quickly become a tradition is going around your local neighbourhood to look at all of your neighbours’ lights. If you drive, you can make an evening of Christmas activities when the roads are quiet and everyone is home. If not, you can head out on foot and check them out. This way, you get out of the house, do something festive, and if you’re walking, you get exercise, and it’s a free activity you can do! Win-win. 

A cozy kitchen scene with a diverse family baking Christmas cookies as part of their Christmas Eve Traditions. The family includes a Middle-Eastern father, mixed race young daughters, all wearing aprons and engaged in baking. The kitchen counter is filled with ingredients and cookie cutters, and the oven is visible in the background with trays of cookies, conveying a joyful and festive atmosphere.

Bake Cookies

Or anything. While most families leave out a glass of milk, cookies and carrots on Christmas Eve, you could make some festive bakes or leave them out for the big man or for you to enjoy on your Christmas Eve night while relaxing at home. 

You can choose to make the viral no-bake chocolate Christmas tree using melted chocolate drizzled over stick biscuits with sprinkles to make a chocolate tree shape, or you can make festively shaped cookies, Christmas brownies or the delicious Nutella trees made from pastry sheets filled with Nutella and cut into a tree design before being dusted with icing sugar.

Before You Go

Creating new Christmas Eve traditions can be a delightful way to bring your family closer during the festive season. Whether cosying up in fresh pyjamas, watching a beloved movie, opening a special gift, marvelling at neighbourhood lights, or baking delicious treats, these activities will spread joy and make Christmas Eve memorable. Which tradition will you start this year?

Why not choose this year to be the year you come up with a new fun family Christmas Eve tradition that everyone will enjoy?

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