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Hey, lovely mums out there!
Ever find yourself juggling those endless mum duties while trying to brainstorm the next big idea for your business? Trust me; I’ve been there and done that! As a busy mum of three adorable munchkins and a blogger, I know the struggle too well. That’s why I’ve whipped up something extra special for all of you—a Free Business Planner Printable. And because I adore adding a touch of fun, I’ve thrown in a business template for good measure!

Ultimate Free Business Planner Template and Printables

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Start an Affiliate Marketing Business

After that warm intro, I’m thrilled to jump straight into something that’s genuinely transformed my perspective on online businesses—Affiliate Marketing. If you’ve ever wondered how some mums earn while they sip their morning coffee or while humming to their fave playlist (just like me!), affiliate marketing might be their secret sauce.

Recently, I took the plunge with the 15 Day Challenge from Legendary Marketer, and boy, was it an eye-opener! This challenge isn’t just about understanding the nitty-gritty of affiliate marketing; it’s a comprehensive dive into building a sustainable side hustle that works around your mum life, not against it.

Affiliate marketing can be the bridge between your passion and profits. Whether you’re already deep into the blogging world or a newbie searching for lucrative online opportunities, this challenge will equip you with the skills and knowledge to elevate your game.

Affiliate Marketing - Legendary Marketer

Why not embark on this journey with me? Take the challenge and explore the dynamic world of affiliate marketing. It’s more than passive income; it’s about empowering yourself, monetising your passions, and taking charge of your financial destiny—all while juggling the joys of motherhood.

Feeling curious? Excited? Ready for a new adventure? Dive into the 15 Day Challenge here and start your affiliate marketing journey!

Why Every Mum Needs a Business Planner

Starting a business or side hustle is no small feat, especially when you’ve got little ones running around into everything things and keeping you on your toes. But here’s the tea: You can rule the business world with a good plan and a sprinkle of mum magic! I always say us mums are truly magical.

  • Stay Organised: Running a household is like running a business. So, why not apply those mad organisational skills you’ve mastered as a mum to your business?
  • Set Clear Goals: If you can get Hayden, Hudson, and Harlow dressed, fed, and out the door by 8 a.m., you can set and achieve your business goals. Dream big, plan smart!
  • Keep Track of Finances: Don’t let those pennies slip through the cracks. Keep ’em in check!

Statistics Corner: Mums in Business

  • Over 1.7 million mums in the UK are running their businesses.
  • Businesses owned by mums contribute a whopping £7.2 billion to the UK’s economy.
  • 1 in 3 businesses in the UK started during maternity leave.

Why My Free Business Planner is a Game Changer

I’ve poured a decade of blogging experience, my recent venture into property investment, and my mad mum skills into this planner. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside:

  • Unique Business Template: Tailored for mums who need a no-nonsense approach.
  • Monthly Goal Setting: Track your progress and smash those targets!
  • Expense and Income Trackers: Let’s get those finances looking healthier than a kale smoothie!
  • Creative Space: For when inspiration strikes during those rare moments of peace (or chaos – we’ve all been there).

What’s inside? Features of my Free Business Planner

  • Mission Statement & Business Statement
  • My Shop Overview
  • Goal & Productivity
  • Holiday Products & Promotions
  • New Products & Project Planning
  • Product Launch Planning Tools
  • Inventory Tracking
  • My Shop & Business Finances

Special Features Just for You

  • Designed for Busy Mums: Quick and easy fill-out sections, even with a bub in one arm.
  • Printable: Perfect for those who love a tangible planner to scribble on. Plus, it’s free. Free stuff = happiness, right?

Ready to Level Up?

Alright, super mums, here’s the deal. If you want to get your hands on this epic Free Business Planner and Template, you must do just one tiny thing.
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Not only will you get this planner, but you’ll also receive regular updates, tips, and tricks from yours truly.

Because, let’s be honest, who could resist a freebie that promises to make your business soar while keeping the kiddos in check? Sign up, grab a cuppa (or your favourite beverage), and let’s get planning! Here’s to juggling business with mum duties like the absolute legend you are.

Profitable Online Businesses For Mums

If you’ve been vibing with this business planner and are eager to explore online businesses, I’ve got a treat for you. I’ve compiled a comprehensive blog post detailing a list of passive online businesses for mums. Whether you’re a tech-savvy mum or someone just dipping their toes into the digital world, there’s something for everyone!

From side hustles to full-blown enterprises, these online ventures can be tailored to fit around your hectic mum schedule, allowing you to nurture your entrepreneurial spirit without compromising on family time.

Ready to uncover the best online business that aligns with your passion and skill set? 🎉 Check out the complete list here!

Pin For Later!

Remember, lovely mums, you’re doing brilliantly. In business, just like motherhood, it’s all about the journey, not just the destination. Keep shining and slaying!

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