Welcome to Adore Charlotte

Hello beautiful people,
Welcome to my new website – Adore Charlotte. The home of everything I love and want to share with my readers.

You’ll know I started my online journey in 2011 as a YouTuber if you know me. I would vlog weekly pregnancy updates with my oldest son. Over time, I switched from being a vlogger to a blogger with my website. Here I would update my blog on a regular basis working with many fantastic brand and sharing all the wonders that make me happy – I did this for approx seven years.

I took a break from the internet (I know – who would do such a thing?) to venture into other avenues of the real world. However, nothing beats my passion for working online with marketing and enjoying what I do while still having time at home with my young children.

The weird thing is I wouldn’t change the few years I took away from blogging. The time has challenged me and helped me understand myself better. Not to mention- I get to meet and work with brave, selfless & unique individuals every day.

What’s New?

I have a newfound obsession for digital planning (game changer), but I’ve had a passion for planners and stationery. For as long as I could remember, I thought, why not add my love for them to my website?

There was something very comfortable in having plenty of stationery.

Charles Dickens

My website, “Adore Charlotte”, is an insight into what Charlotte loves and what I believe you will love, too. If we’re friends in real life or you follow me on social media, we have several things in common. This is where I can dive into it more deeply and share even more with you.

I have so many ideas for this website – I can’t wait to share them with you!

Thank you for re/joining me on my journey

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